The Clumsy Lovers

A Small Town In Virginia

We were asked to play this show acoustically, which we do every now and again. It’s always different not having the drums and bass to hold things down but certain situations like house concerts, t.v and radio appearances and record stores seem to work quite well with just the three of us. It also makes for a very easy setup. Just pull out the guitar, fiddle and banjo and start playing! It was a concert/birthday party for Cheryl’s husband so they had a great number of friends and family out. The night had started out a little weird as the address that we were given was not actually where the party was. It was a country style house with no sign of life except for the 2 dogs and the eight or nine cats. And it was pitch dark. And trust me backing up the trailer down the bumpy windy lane was a bit of a challenge. We were worried someone was going to come out of the house with a shotgun. It was really rural. We soon determined that we were at the wrong place but she wasn’t answering her cell phone for some reason. It turns out it was in her husband’s (the birthday boys) truck. So he eventually answered her phone and gave us the address of the party  And we were off! Luckily it was just down the road and with our acoustic trio it only took us a few minutes to get ready. Everyone we met was super nice and there was lots of food and even a batch of “clumsy lover sangria” which I thought was a nice touch! We played two sets and kept it heavy on the bluegrass fast paced side of things. And as is often the case at these types of shows, everyone wanted to take home a c.d. or two with them. And I saw another thing I hadn’t seen before. Moonshine! Somebody had brought it in from North Carolina. They had flavoured it with fruit. Everyone was preaching moderation so I only had a sip. It was quite smooth. But looking around me as we were finishing up the second set, those that were preaching moderation seemed to be gulping it down! But it got people dancing and the night finished up in a merry fashion!

By Trevor Rogers

I play guitar and sing with a band called the Clumsy Lovers. We’ve traveled a lot here and there over the last 20 years.

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