The Clumsy Lovers

A Day Off In Decatur Georgia

Nothing like a day off to pretty much do nothing. No mailing list to put together atKinko’s. No errands to run. No van repairs to take care of. No choreography rehearsals. O.K. We’ve yet to have one of those but we may one day. You never know. So what did we do? This is what I observed: Chris went for a jog and a movie. Rebecca took a train to the little five points in downtown Atlanta to meet up with the Smart Brothers. (And met an attractive man by the name of Hamilton while she was waiting for them in a park by the way.) You go Rebecca! I won’t tell frannybear. Or franberry either for that matter. My favourite smoothy still after all these years….(Rebecca’s parents are Fran and Barry by the way. I was speaking in code. They took the new promo photo’s on the website at Stanley Park in Vancouver by the way. Thanks guys!)  Tyler went out for lunch at the legendary Varsity with a talented singer songwriter named Elli Perry who we had met at the show the night before. He even brought back the paper hat to prove it. And Jason spent at least fourteen hours participating in a theological discussion forum on the internet. Myself? I considered a bunch of things but ended up sleeping late. Catching up on emails. Watching the stock market collapse on CNN. Headquartered in Atlanta by the way. Stuff like that. Later in the afternoon I met up with Rebecca and we went to my favourite place in Decatur where they serve a great bowl of vegetarian chile. But my favourite sassy waitress wasn’t there. I don’t even know her name but she is one of the few familiar faces I recognize in the town so I was somewhat disappointed:( Later on we met up with Jay and Lou of the Smart Brothers for a couple of brews at this place that seems to have hundreds and hundreds of different types of beer. I ordered some kind of pale ale. It was good. But I couldn’t remember which kind it was when I ordered a second as there were dozens to choose from. The waitress sniffed it and brought me a Storm IPA. I’ve never had a waitress sniff my beer before!

By Trevor Rogers

I play guitar and sing with a band called the Clumsy Lovers. We’ve traveled a lot here and there over the last 20 years.

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