The Nutcrackers

Our friend Britt brought back a bunch of hazelnuts from Idaho last summer.

I was curious to see how the guys would take to the challenge of breaking them open for the tasty prize inside.

Levi being a bit older figured it out really quickly and went to town while Travis managed to crack a few on his own.

And nary a thumbnail was blackened during the process!



Levi is 4!


Boy it’s been awhile since I posted here. Seems like it’s easier to email family and friends recent photos and happenings, or post something on good ol’ FB.

Life is good in Montana, Levi and Travis have a little sister now. The band is still playing about a hundred nights a year. The longest trips were to Florida and back and recently we went to the midwest for a few weeks. Things will get busy again in June with trips to New York and many other places.