The Clumsy Lovers


What can we say that hasn’t already been said about the Tractor Tavern in beautiful Ballard? Everyone that plays there raves about the place. We’ve been playing the Tractor for a decade or so, and every time we do Chris and I can’t help but say to ourselves “Maybe tonight nobody will show up, the show will tank and that will be that.” Not saying it won’t ever happen, but so far it hasn’t.

It’s always good to see Dan the owner and all of his great staff. Ballard is thriving. The bars and restaurants all seem to be full. There is definitely a cool vibe in the neighborhood. And especially inside the Tractor. Even more so when it is so packed full of people you can barely move. And I’m happy to report it was.

Lots of familiar faces and first–timers side by side feeling the love and the energy in the room. And participating in the madness. After all, it wouldn’t be a Clumsy Lover show without some kind of spontaneous thing happening: An impromptu jam, a weird medley, a wacky dancer or the occasional colossal mix-up on stage that we do our best to skillfully steer around… I would guess that these are only several of a dozen reasons why some people keep coming back time after time. Like Juliana and Matt who for some reason know that they have seen the band 65 times.  And why some people don’t.


By Trevor Rogers

I play guitar and sing with a band called the Clumsy Lovers. We’ve traveled a lot here and there over the last 20 years.

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