The Clumsy Lovers

Thomas, West Virginia

If you want to spend time in a pretty place head to West Virginia. It’s quite the drive to get to Thomas from Charlottesville. Lots of turns and tight corners and plenty of ups and downs. Kind of like life. Or the stock market. The scenery was spectacular especially with all the fall colours starting to surface. Chris marvelled for at least a minute over the brightness of a grove of red leafy trees that we passed.  I thought i saw a little squirrel crossing the road but it was a blowing leaf. It sure looked like a miniature squirrel from where I was sitting. Oh, the tender moments…

We’ve played several times at the Purple Fiddle. It’s a really quaint place and John and crew always treat us really well. The rooms where we stay are right next door and are really rustic. A band based out of Austin, the Shake ‘Em Ups played a really spirited set to start the evening. Vaughn the acoustic guitar player and singer grew up near Thomas and actually worked at the Purple Fiddle before picking up and moving to Texas a few years ago. The three of them and all their gear travel around in a seasoned Volvo from place to place. Vaughn’s family and some friends were at the show and it was nice meeting them. We played a really fun set. Afterwards, as per tradition, some of us headed up to the only other open place in town to check out the bluegrass jam. Jason sat in for a while and seemed to be enjoying himself. Afterwards we went to Seth’s house near the purple fiddle for a spacey keyboard jam. He has four or five vintage keyboards of all shapes and sizes so we had fun for a while then we called it a night.

By Trevor Rogers

I play guitar and sing with a band called the Clumsy Lovers. We’ve traveled a lot here and there over the last 20 years.

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