The Clumsy Lovers


We’ve been playing the Wild Buffalo in Bellingham for quite a while now and have had some really awesome nights there over the years. It’s a really great room for music. Kind of a mini “house of blues” with a great stage and sound system. It was an incredibly rainy night, more like a monsoon but a great crowd showed up for the show including Rebecca’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Smith! They like to keep a watchful eye on her now that she is 21 and can legally take tequila shots at the bar. The show was really fun once we dusted the cobwebs off our instruments. We had taken most of November off to hang out with our families and friends and catch up on our Vancouver lives so it took a few songs to get back into the flow. But then we were off and running! We played a wide variety of tunes from today and yesteryear and played several requests as we usually like to do. Downstairs in the dressing room Rebecca got a picture taken beside the autograph of her current musical obsession, The Clintons! Another fun night in Bellingham!

Saturday morning we got up early to drive to Spokane for our show at the Knitting Factory. It’s a really great concert hall that we’ve been playing for the last 5 years or so. Before that we must have played a dozen different clubs. But we like it here the best. It’s a really top-notch place. Incredible light show and sound system and they even have guys hired to help you load your gear in and out! We did a quick sound check then we had quite a few hours to kill so we just kind of lounged around in the band area watching Laurence Welk while the younger generation later got wrapped up in video games. The show was great fun. Not a huge crowd (300 or so?), the place holds over a thousand after all, but they closed off the balcony so everyone gathered on the main floor so it felt like a rock show! It was an all ages event so there were lots of families and kids mingling with college students and even a few senior citizens all having a jolly old time. We played 2 sets of clumsy classics including a couple of instrumentals that Rebecca and Jason play together. There are some pictures up on our MySpace page if you want the photo evidence. After the show we met the audience and signed quite a few things for the kids. All in all a splendid time in Spokane!

By Trevor Rogers

I play guitar and sing with a band called the Clumsy Lovers. We’ve traveled a lot here and there over the last 20 years.

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