Vegan Christmas

Yes, it’s still vegan December only this time the whole family had a vegan meal. The boys and Amanda are already vegetarian so it wasn’t that unusual for them. What did we eat? Tofu saut√©ed with Olive oil and Soy sauce, mashed potatoes with veggie gravy and a big tray of roasted vegetables including yams, carrots parsnip’s, green beans and onions. It was good!

Followed that up with a nice walk in the snow on a windy night in Montana, and while we both missed our families it was quite a magical Christmas.

Old School Photoshoot

Last Saturday we went on a bicycle ride¬†called “The Tweed Ride”. The idea was to dress up in vintage clothing and ride around the town. There were about a hundred or so people with several on vintage bicycles from the 1930’s. Along the route we stopped to get our picture taken.



What’s In The Box?

Levi loves his soccer ball. We forgot his favourite one at a BBQ a while back and our friends dog ate it the next day. We had purchased that one in Vancouver, a classic black and white foam ball made by a company called Poof. Couldn’t find one here in Missoula so I took to the internet and about a minute later had a couple of soccer balls on their way to being shipped to our house. In the description online the ball was black and white but we ended up with a couple of neon ones. Oh well, he loves them!