I’m still on the 30 day free trial period and leaning towards paying the 10 dollars a month after that. All the music of the world at your fingertips for the cost of a couple of cappuccinos?

It is pretty amazing but it bothers me how little the artists get paid. At least they (me) are getting something!

Yesterday I listened to a lot of Pete Seeger and of course clean up time with the kids featured “Get Lucky”, the extended mix by Daft Punk. Usually I just dial-up a genre and try to discover something new.

Lots of African High-Life was listened to the day before.

There’s a funny little website called Forgorify.

It seeks to give all the songs on Spotify that have never had even a single play at least one!

Currently listing to “Life In The Finland Woods” by Calum MacLean – on the album “Scottish Accordion Hits Volume 2”………Just doing my part to make the world a happier place….

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