Oregano tea on a rainy day


A tasty beverage recommended to me by my friend Carla.

Even I was able to follow this recipe!

-Grab a handful of fresh oregano from the backyard

-Add boiling water


A handful of oregano
A handful of oregano
Ready to enjoy!
Ready to enjoy!

Very tasty and refreshing! And chock-full of health benefits!

It too me back to the 90’s when wild mint was growing in abundance at the entrance to my suite in Vancouver.

Mint tea was a staple for me for me and my friends that would stop by for a visit.

There is something truly amazing about the taste of fresh fruit, veggies and herbs straight out of the ground!

And not having to go to the store to get them…

One Reply to “Oregano tea on a rainy day”

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your oregano tea. I enjoyed hanging with you and the chillins. Thanks for linking to my sight! I will spend some time exploring yours. This is kind of what I want to do.

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