Meat-Free McDonald’s: Fast Food Chain To Open Vegetarian Restaurants In India In 2013

I guess it’s kind of cool that McDonalds is is flexible enough to alter their menu in different countries with different dietary requirements, but something seems a little weird about it. What about 99 Billion Served? That’s a lot of sacred cows.

I’m sure there will still be dairy on the menu but that’s a whole different discussion. I’ll leave that part of it up to the vegans. And how nutritional are the new menu items in question? Apparently the most popular “burger” in India has a deep-fried potato patty. And what about the tremendous amount of consumer waste that goes along with fast food?

Would it be be novel to see one in North America? Perhaps in San Francisco or New York City? It might help their image that some see as tarnished. It is interesting to see massive corporations moving with the times.

Here’s the article~


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