Winter Arrives In Missoula

It really was a magical summer in so many ways. It took us a few weeks to get settled but once we got our bearings it was time to explore the town. You really can’t beat Missoula in the summertime. We were mostly on our bikes with the boys in the trailer behind us checking out the river trail, concerts at Caras park, frequent trips to the carousel, bbq’s with friends, hikes up the M trail and over in the Rattlesnake and a nice visit with the grandparents. Almost every night after dinner we would go to the park and kick the soccer ball around and watch the beautiful sunsets.

Even though I could see the leaves changing colour and the days growing shorter it still feels like something shifted overnight. It is currently snowing and lows are expected to dip to -22 this weekend. I’ve spent a lot of time travelling in cold climates over the years but I’ve never actually lived in a snowy place. I am looking forward to bundling up the boys and having lots of wintertime fun followed by  cozy nights by the fire. Actually, we don’t have a fireplace so that Yuletide DVD will have to do…

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