To Comment Or Not To Comment

That is indeed the question when it comes to news and music sites and especially the grandaddy of them all, Facebook. 800 million strong and continuing to grow. That little news feed is always there tempting me to comment. Often times I think about writing a comment before saying to myself “what useful purpose is this serving? I should pick up my guitar or wash the dishes or really do anything somewhat constructive…” But alas, like most people I can resist anything but temptation…

Missoula Independent
Street Talk! First question: What do you think of cross-dressing?
    • Trevor Rogers I think one should wait until they calm down before assembling their daily attire.

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One Reply to “To Comment Or Not To Comment”

  1. To comment or not to comment… well I guess in this day and age with the social networking media, especially when wanting to reach out to anyone out there in cyberspace, the choice would be to comment and to that I say, “resistance is futile you will be assimilated…” lol

    btw… nice changes with your blogging comment but I just came across Livefyre and it adds to a whole new dimension when it comes to social media/networking when it comes to their comment section. It’s great if you have a tone of followers along with a tone of ongoing online conversations.

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