Hockey Cards & Disco Lights

Man, did I ever love that disco light! I think it was $12.95 at Radio Shack. Now it’s where I keep my old hockey cards from the early 80’s. I’ve got a Messier rookie card but back in those days we used them to play with, or attach to the spokes of our bikes so they are all worthless in a financial sense. But from a nostalgic viewpoint, those tattered cards will be fun to look at sometime in the future.

Messier rookie card in primo condition

2 Replies to “Hockey Cards & Disco Lights”

  1. I been looking for the lamp for a long time. I had two of them but when I moved they got lost. Do you have any leads on where to find one. Thanks. Dan

    1. Hi Dan! I can’t even remember what happened to mine. I have a foggy memory that the plastic geodesic part cracked or broke at some point. Not sure were to find one nowadays. Someone somewhere probably has one for sale next Saturday at a garage sale…Ebay seems to have a lot of vintage Radio Shack lights but not this one in particular…maybe your lost lamps will turn up someday.

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