I’m back on the jogging bandwagon. Well for 2 days now. I sure wish somebody would pay me $1000 dollars a kilometre. Right now I can comfortably do 5k at a pretty good pace, but I think monetary motivation would have me up to 20k in no time!

I was really impressed that my Amanda ran the 10k Vancouver Sun Run this weekend. The boys and I were waiting for her at the finish line when she arrived. It was great to see so many thousands of people so jubilant to finish. It reminded me of being in Boston and watching the marathon at the 25th mile marker. It was truly amazing to see all the runners bearing down for that last mile.

Looking back to Boston, what I remember the most was that the spectators were so amazingly supportive to those that were needing a little, or a lot of encouragement as they made their way towards the finish line. A friendly crowd too. Towards the end of the marathon, a group of people walked by and asked me if I wanted to watch the rest of the race from their balcony. So I did.

2 Replies to “5k”

  1. That’s great. There is a lot of temptation in life to just sit (car, sofa) and be lazy – they say half the battle is starting. So keep putting on your shoes!

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