This Confirms It, I AM NOT Moving To Calgary

Not that I was planning to, but you get my point.

Calgary cafés hit by coffee price hikes

CBC News
Local coffee shops are struggling to keep java prices down as South American crops are hit with bad weather. The price of coffee has more than doubled in the last year, said Canterbury Coffee sales manager Gord Chester.

“And that’s just not good for coffee-bar owners, and it’s not good for us to be telling people, ‘We gotta raise prices,'” said Chester. “But unfortunately there’s such a supply drought right now of high-grade arabicas, this is the byproduct of it.”

“As supply shrinks or as there’s problems in the world like they had in Brazil this year … typically, the price goes up.”

David Hockey, owner of the independent Kensington café Higher Ground, has increased his prices twice in the last six months, so he decided to get proactive.

“Recently I just locked in my coffee [supply] prices for the next year because we’re anticipating even more increases,” he said.


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