Rainbows, Garbanzo Beans & A Twinkling Science World

I think this is the first rainbow I’ve seen since we’ve been living in this apartment. It reminds me of how amazing the view is from way up here.

One thing that cannot be denied when I look out the window is the abundance of cranes. Everyone wants to live in Vancouver it seems. I can’t really complain about the changing urban landscape as I live in a recently built building, I just hope that as Vancouver moves towards higher density structures, the charm of the neighbourhood isn’t completely destroyed. Can you trust city hall to make the right decision with all the political forces that must be at play?

There is a proposal for a 26 story high-rise right at the corner of Main & Broadway. It will dwarf the 8 floor brick building across the street that was built in 1912. We’ll see what happens.

On this day I cooked Garbanzo beans for the first time.

I normally use the canned variety but this way is much cheaper, there is no added sodium and there are no cans to recycle! Just doing my part to make the world a better place for future generations…

I am lamenting that our view of the ever-twinkling Science World will most surely be mostly obscured depending on how high up this new building continues to climb upwards.

Yes! The perfect opportunity to quote Cat Stevens from his classic Where Do The Children Play, from the album Tea For The Tillerman:

Well you’ve cracked the sky, scrapers fill the air
But will you keep on building higher till there’s no more room up there?

I listened to this album over and over again one summer on my Sony Walkman cassette recorder while I was painting a house for someone. They wanted their house painted pink for some reason. It looked OK when it was done even though I didn’t stir the paint well enough. The colour got lighter and lighter as I painted upwards as the stir stick I had wasn’t long enough to get to the bottom of the 5 gallon pails. I probably should have been listening to this classic album from The Band:

While sometimes it seems that life is standing still, there’s certainly a lot going on over here in Mount Pleasant. Things are good right now, and hopefully will be the same or better in the future but they will most certainly be different. I can’t help but think that by the time our view of Science World is obscured, some life changing events will have transpired.

One Reply to “Rainbows, Garbanzo Beans & A Twinkling Science World”

  1. Nah, you can’t trust city hall. I mean, just look at the Hornby Bike Lane. Not since Chicago in the 30’s have we seen such crooked behaviour from civic leaders. Right, Pratt?

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