When In East Vancouver Stay @ The Hotel Yorba

Facebook Check-ins.

Annoying and intriguing, creepy and fascinating all at the same time. Let me get this straight, you can post online for everyone to see where you happen to be? At any given moment? Facebook lets you call your location whatever you want: so and so is @ Home, Mom & Dads, Under A Rock, A Crossroads…

My new favourite song to play with The Clumsy Lovers is Hotel Yorba by the White Stripes. Our bass player Chris suggested we try it at practice and add some fiddle and banjo tunes afterwards. It sounded a bit rough at first, but it’s coming along. I imagine we will try it at our shows this weekend in Moscow, Idaho or Spokane. So I created a Facebook Check-in at The Hotel Yorba. Why? Not entirely sure…I’ll discuss it with Dr. Phil when I see him next Tuesday.

You can check-in to if you want, but I’ve heard The Hotel California has a nicer pool. But you can never leave! Not that you would ever want to…

The Hotel Yorba

A little piece of Detroit in the heart of Mount Pleasant!

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