Chanterelle Ma Belle, Sont Des Mots Qui Vont Très Bien Ensemble

One of the nice things about living near a forest is that you can go off in search of edible mushrooms. The crown jewel in the mushroom category seems to be the chanterelle. They are really expensive to buy fresh in the store so if you like mushrooms, why not spend the afternoon in nature trying to find some?

We picked a few pounds of mushrooms on the Sunshine Coast last year and dried some of them for future use.

Amanda had a hankering for what the restaurants on Main Street like to call “comfort food” so we made mashed potatoes and vegan chanterelle mushroom gravy. That would look good on a menu somewhere.

The end result was quite tasty.

To quote Sir Paul McCartney:

I love you, I love you, I love you

That’s all I want to say

Give it a listen substituting Chanterelle every time Paul sings Michelle.

It’s really fun!

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