Compilation CD

The band has been on a lot of compilation CD’s over the years, but not as many lately as we’ve been taking things a lot slower. So it was nice to see we are going to be on a recording put together by The Milwaukee Irish Fest. We’ve played there several times in the past and it is huge! Just ask Wikipedia: “Irish Fest is the largest celebration of Irish music and culture in the world.”

We’ve met a lot of great people in Wisconsin over the years so it will be nice to be going back this summer!


Red Hot Chilli Pipers Crooked Bridge
Screaming Orphans Liar
More Power to Your Elbow Beautiful Bundoran
The Clumsy Lovers Waterbound
Peatbog Faeries The Anthropologist
Slainte Mhath Ox
Brother Take You Back
Seven Nations Infinity
Bad Haggis Rocky Road to Dublin
Seanchai & the Unity Squad Irish Catholic Boy
Kila On Taobhe Tuathail Amach
Black 47 w/Eileen Ivers San Patricio Brigade
Young Dubliners Waxies Dargle
The Prodigals The Sailors Return
Hothouse Flowers Your Love Goes On
Rawlins Cross Long Night
Scythian Technoccordion
Enter the Haggis One Last Drink

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