White Christmas At The Stanley Theatre

What kind of saintly friend drives an hour into the city in holiday traffic to look after two little boys on Christmas eve so Mom & Dad can enjoy a Christmas classic for a couple of hours? None other than the talented and warmhearted Aunt Rebecca!

The Stanley Theatre is an awesome old school theatre that’s been a fixture on Granville Street since 1930. I drove faster than usual to get there on time utilizing quick acceleration to arrive quickly at the speed limit. Oil producing nations recommend jack-rabbit starts by the way.

We miraculously found a free parking spot just off of busy South Granville, managed to wriggle past some people who really wanted to sell us a Christmas wreath, took a quick picture and made it inside to our seats with ten minutes to spare.

I guess you could say we were in the cheap seats beside the orchestra pit but who can quibble about sitting in the second row at any event? OK, maybe the running of the bulls in Pamplona…

But to be that close to such a talented cast was incredible. It was almost better than watching TV in high-definition if you can believe it. That’s how realistic they all looked!

I really got caught up in the story and I truly felt the spirit of Christmas.  I’ve been wanting to feel that Christmas feeling as much as possible this December. Happy to report that it’s happened several times. It was nice to immerse myself in a story without any distractions. But truth be told, I was thinking about the boys most of the time. Thinking about how nice it will be to see them find their passion, whether it be music, acting, chasing bulls in Pamplona or whatever.

Watching those actors singing so beautifully and dancing so incredibly, all the while I was imagining them as little children taking their first steps, learning to ride a bike, roasting their first marshmallows yet somehow eventually finding themselves onstage at The Stanley Theatre tap dancing on a grand piano? Excited to see what the future holds for Levi and lil’ Travis…

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