Main Street

The majesty of the mountains on a crisp day during a record cold snap. What could possibly make a nicer backdrop for a city?

ps-Does anyone know how to Photoshop trolley wires out of a picture? 🙂

Our default walk is really just a stroll up and down Main Street from Broadway to 30th Avenue and back. It’s a relaxing way to pass the time. There are a lot of great areas to live in Vancouver but we’ve grown really accustomed to living in Mount Pleasant.  It’s a funky neighbourhood with a real community feel to it. Mount Pleasant reminds me of of a baby, baby Brooklyn.

On our walks, I say hi to almost everyone. Whether they like it or not! Usually it is other people with children or dog walkers or older folks admiring the boys that are the most open to conversation.

This night was a little extra frigid so we picked up the pace to get the the little guys home to a warm apartment. We knew we were almost there when we saw our beacon off in the distance- Buy Low! This night the one and only Buy Low at the Kingsgate Mall was competing for brightness with the full moon.


8 Replies to “Main Street”

  1. Sure, I can Photoshop anything to absolute perfection…for a price ($50/hr usually). Don’t change the Buy Low shot though. That one is right on.

  2. Trolley wires or not the mountains look beautiful. I cried on my last day ski-ing at Whistler (right into my Kokanee beer at Merlin’s bar – is that the right name for the bar?) looking back up the slope. I knew that was my last ski trip before having a family… Will be checking in on the blog to see how things are going over there.

    1. Big announcement! Owing to popular demand (you) the Trolley wires are staying:)
      Thanks for checking in Jo. Whistler is gorgeous and yes indeed Merlins is still there serving up the Kokanee trucked in from Creston, BC!
      Yeah, travel certainly gets harder with the little ones, but I’m pretty sure you’ll make it back again one day to Canada!
      All the best, Trevor
      ps: Here’s a song written when Hank Williams was on a skiing trip to Whistler and eventually had to go back home…

    1. It is rather chilly isn’t it SJ? I think the major problem is that we don’t generally expect this kind of “extreme” cold, by Lower Mainland standards anyway. I overheard someone in the park say last week that “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!” Thank you “person in the park.” Maybe you should be my guru! And you gotta admit, it is a break from the rain…:) Stay warm!

  3. It’s a wonderful break. I’m bracing for what could be a reminder of what our winters used to like. I much preferred winters in years past then what we typically get these days. I agree it is a nice break from the rain.

    Btw… not sure if I said this but I like what you’re doing with your blog.

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