Strumming My Six String

No, not on my front porch swing in Margaritaville, but at Checkers on Davie street in Vancouver’s West End with Dave and Duane from the Town Pants. When they aren’t on tour with the band, they have a duo called Smiling Politely that plays mostly cover tunes. Every Sunday, they invite someone to sit in with them. I think it’s a great concept. It keeps things new and exciting for both them and the audience. I sang five or six of my favourite songs and threw in a few originals for good measure. The rest of the time I sat back, played percussion and had fun watching the boys sing, strum and banter with the crowd.

Amanda and our boys came down later and sat in the back. It was super cool to see Levi bobbing his head in time to the music! All in all, it was a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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