Levi And I And Some Colourful Trees

Levi & I

The leaves changing colour are a poignant reminder that summer fun is behind us, and that winter will soon be here. Of course, autumn on the west coast is nowhere near as spectacular as it is out east but you won’t find me complaining.

A lot of mornings this past year Amanda and I, or often just me would take Levi to the play gym at the community centre and let him run around like a maniac for a few hours. Afterwards we would give him a bottle of diluted whole organic milk and that would generally send him off to dreamland for a few hours. While he would sleep, I was free to run some errands or make a few calls. But what I really enjoyed most was walking around the city and enjoying all the sights and sounds and the energy of the people. Now that we have been blessed with baby Travis, we are needing to rethink our childcare strategy to figure out new routines that work best for all concerned- Myself, Amanda, Levi and Travis.

With a little tweaking and compromise, I’m certain that everyone will continue to be in a happy place as we work towards finding a balance between work, play and family life. In the meantime, I’m loving life as it stands right now.  I couldn’t be happier with the changes life has brought me. I’m really just trying to enjoy these moments as the moments pass by pretty quickly.

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