Me And Brett Down By The Schoolyard


Me And My BFF Forever!


When I was woken up Sunday morning I was in the middle of a dream about NFL quarterback Brett Favre. We were chumming around in Mississippi talking about life from the perspective of two guys in their 40’s. Important topics such as whether or not to dye the grey away, how to effectively discipline our children, and the best season for deer hunting. For me personally, October is the best month to kill innocent animals. Brett is the NFL equivalent to hockey’s Mark Messier in my opinion. Amazingly talented, durable and they both come across as straight up and sincere even though they are both probably intolerable in real life.

In my dream I was telling Brett the season was only going to get better and he might even throw for 600 yards this afternoon! Impossible of course, but I was merely offering my support. Keep in mind this conversation never really happened. So I taped the game to watch later in the evening after everyone went to bed and guess what? 600 yards wasn’t in the cards, but he did throw for a career high 446! I can’t take full credit of course, but the least he could have done was called. You are currently in my bad books Brett Favre but I’m still pulling for you to win the Super Bowl. And play until you are 64…


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