Wow! 117 posts in one day!

I’d like to say I was feeling “inspired” on October 21st but in truth I cut and pasted entries I had previously posted on a website I had set up with iWeb. I really was hoping that using the built-in web design program on my MacBook would serve me well for my first attempt to put together a simple website. Granted, it was easy enough to use, but two things really got on my nerves and prompted me to make the switch to WordPress:


  1. My blog would take AGES to load!

A minimum of 15 seconds. Usually longer. Even I didn’t want to wait around to read it! I tried some of the tips I read online to troubleshoot, but the quicksand-like loading seems to be a complaint of many iWeb users.

2.  Choosing not to subscribe to Apple’s “Mobile Me” there was no ability for comments to be left after an entry. I might regret having said this, but feedback, discourse and interaction can be quite meaningful to an aspiring blogger. Or lame. We’ll see how it goes now that I am trying to familiarize myself with the mighty and seemingly user-friendly WordPress.


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