Vegan December Update

All in all, the month flew by fairly quickly. It was actually quite fun experimenting with alternative protein sources and preparing healthy meals. For Christmas dinner, my mom was kind enough to prepare a dish from the ancient grain quinoa. Along with the usual mashed potato’s, brussel sprouts, yams etc…I was far from starving.

I didn’t miss eggs and cheese as much as I thought I would and I lost about 10 pounds over the tempting holiday season. So I was happy about that too. One thing I didn’t fully realize is how pervasive dairy products are in any commercially prepared food. So i generally avoided eating out, purchasing anything packaged and cooked most of my meals at home. It’s definitely cheaper and much healthier in my opinion. We did go out for vegetarian Chinese food and sushi a few times to break up the monotony.

On January 8th, I treated myself to a bagel with cream cheese, and yesterday there was some shredded cheddar on my salad in Idaho. Tasty, but I could easily do without. In summary, I think I’ll stick with it the best I can, but I’ll consume dairy and eggs on rare occasions. The whole point of this exercise was to get into the practice of creating new, healthier patterns in my life. Stay tune for a blog on my latest passion: sprouting seeds and legumes at home!


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