Time Wasters

There are things in life that we need to do that are time consuming and are not optional. Work, household tasks, personal grooming and various appointments and commitments generally top the list.

Then there are the things we choose to do. Activities that on the surface seem to have little if any intrinsic value. We participate mainly to tune out for a while. To escape from the daily grind. To shut down the part of our brain that is normally focused on maintaining life as we currently know it. But hopefully, and it could be a stretch, ideas are percolating as we disengage.

If I think about how many thousands of hours of TV I’ve watched, or free throws thrown into the hoop in the front yard, or aimless hours spent on my motorcycle in my youth the mind boggles as to how I could have better spent that time. Or a million miles spent in the van traveling from town to town…

For sure I could have done something far more constructive with that precious time. Could have easily played more music, volunteered with a charity, garnered a Phd or two, written a novel or five in the van…

But having said that, a wise woman once told me that a wise man once told her, that most of us really only have three hours of truly productive energy at our disposal per day. I’m sure it varies depending on the person, but if that figure is generally true I vote that we shorten the forty hour work week to fifteen. As a result, we could do whatever we wanted with the remaining time. Guilt free!

There would be no reason to fret over tough decisions like having to decide if I should watch David Letterman or a previously taped episode of Crankyankers when in the past I would have felt that I should have been writing letters to foreign governments on behalf of political prisoners for Amnesty International.

I would have already done that earlier on in the day during my three productive hours.


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