The 6 O’Clock News

Amanda and her friend Erin and their boys generally go to baby yoga every week at Commercial and 10th. It’s a beautiful walk along tree-lined streets past character houses built in the 1920’s. It’s a busy avenue for cyclists and pedestrians and is the best way to travel east to west through the city as cars are in the minority. I always give Amanda and the baby kisses before we part and I hope for their safety when they are out and about.

Well, today there was a yet another targeted shooting and a young man was killed in his car on that beautiful 10th Avenue I was telling you about…just moments before 2 women and their babies walked by. Generally it’s the intended victim who dies, but it is only a matter of time before a stray bullet hit’s an innocent bystander. Noticing Vancouver police searching yards with guns drawn, they crossed the street and made their way to yoga. When they came out an hour later, several blocks were behind yellow investigation tape and Amanda and Erin were swamped by reporters asking them if they had seen anything pertinent. They hadn’t, but when we turned on the nightly news, there was Amanda talking about the neighbourhood. Even Levi was surprised to see his mom on TV! Today on East 10th Avenue no innocent parties were harmed, but somewhere out there is a mom who will never hug her son again.



A brazen daytime shooting has rocked a neighborhood in East Vancouver.

One man is dead, and police don’t have any suspects.

It happened shortly after one on East 10th near Woodlands.

Vancouver Police say an Asian man in his 20’s was driving his car when he was hit by bullets.

Constable Lindsay Houghton says, “We believe we know who the individual is…but we still need to positively identify him”

Houghton who says police are now asking neighbors for assistance in locating evidence.

As a precaution, a nearby school was locked down shortly after the shooting happened. This is Vancouver’s second homicide of the year.

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