Summer In The City

The heat has been a little stifling lately. It feels a lot like Florida in the wintertime and Florida in the wintertime is way too hot for my liking. Even weirder, Vancouver is currently covered in an eerie haze due to smoke from forest fires that are burning nearby and it hasn’t really rained in over a month. Very unusual. It is hot AND humid. But the cooler weather and incessant rainfall will be here before too long I remind myself. Actually, I’m looking forward to it. But it has been a treat to be out and about in flip-flops enjoying all that Vancouver has to offer in the summertime.

When I wish for cooler weather, I’m always reminded of a conversation I had with the owner of a restaurant where I worked years ago. OK, his name was Tony.

In the summer, that kitchen was hot. With a pizza oven set at somewhere around 600 degrees in a tiny kitchen with little to no ventilation, the only place to find refuge was to stand in the refrigerator for a while. I spent a lot of time “organizing” the cooler in the summertime. When we would complain to the boss, he would always say “give it a few months, you’ll be complaining to me about how cold it is in here!” Well, it never really got “cold” in that kitchen as it  would dip down to about 80 degrees from 110 for the rest of the year, but I got what he was saying I think.

He was more than likely just too cheap to look into air conditioning, but perhaps he was just trying to remind all of us that life is short and given that our time on the planet is finite, one should not be impatiently angling for next fall when the beauty of a Canadian summer is currently within our grasp.


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