Rediscovering The iTouch

I’ve been leery of using my iTouch for anything other than listening to music. It seems that one could easily become obsessively compulsive about checking email, the news, Facebook, Myspace…etc

Today I rode the Peugeot up to Queen Elizabeth park and packed the iTouch along in my pocket to listen to music. Being that it’s an iTouch and not an iPhone, and therefore requires Wi-Fi to access the internet I only used it to listen to some new songs I am working on, along with Cat Stevens, Radiohead, The Beatles and the Terry Jacks’ classic “Seasons in the Sun.” Haven’t heard that one for a while. But sitting under an enormous tree full of blossoms in the bright sunshine I was hard pressed to think of a song I would rather be listening to at that moment.

On the way home I stopped for an Americano at a cafe at 10th and Main. They actually call it a Canadiano there. I refuse to call the Hemingway inspired Americano I’ve been drinking for years a Canadiano.

Waves is right on the bike path and is a great place for people-watching in the afternoon sun. It was awesome to see see so many happy people getting to-and-fro on their bicycles.

I picked up the Georgia Straight to get tuned into Vancouver happenings, put some Robert Nesta Marley on the iTouch and was thoroughly enjoying my coffee in the sun when it dawned on me that I could check my email. So I did. And I continued to check every five minutes or so for over an hour, thus confirming my initial hypothesis that having an iTouch/iPhone/Smartphone encourages obsessive compulsive behaviour.

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