Memorial Service

Today Amanda, Levi and myself went to the memorial service of my Great Uncle Robert. I wasn’t sure if we should bring the baby or not, but knowing how much he loved children it seemed like the right decision.

It was a moving ceremony in a big church that was packed to the rafters. Born and raised in Ladner, Robert lived a rich life dedicated to family, friends and farming.

I always enjoyed seeing him, generally out on the family farm on Westham Island in Ladner. He had a big smile and a wonderful sense of humour. He also reminded me a lot of his brother John, my Grandpa.

After some classic hymns and an emotional slideshow chronicling his life, two women got up to sing a final song. First they shared a touching story: On Uncle Roberts last day, the family had gathered together in his room at Delta Hospital. A music therapist later arrived to sing a few songs. When asked what he wanted to hear, Robert requested “You Are My Sunshine.” During the singing of that beautiful song he passed on.

Uncle Robert


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