I finished the lyrics tonight for some new songs I’ve been working on. I’ll more than likely dislike them tomorrow but right now they are in my good books.

For me, the melody always comes first. Sometimes I wake up humming something and if I don’t forget it during the course of the day it stands a chance of becoming a song. The bath is also a good place for creativity as is a nice bike ride in the rain or a walk through the city. Lately I’ve gotten better about recording melodies on my computer or cell phone so I won’t forget them. Eventually I’ll go back and figure out just what it is that I want to say.

There’s usually something that I want to convey when it comes time to put pen to paper. Generally I like to tackle the universal themes of love, loss, redemption, the passage of time, ever-changing perspectives, the seasons, sun, rain, faith, hope…etc

The problem I find is that I’ve normally said all that I really want to say in the first verse and chorus. But I come from an era where most songs have at least two verses. That’s when songwriting can become a little tedious. I sometimes feel like i’m back at university trying to stretch a thousand words into the required three thousand.

Like most people, I respond to deadlines so that’s why I’ve spent the last 3 hours completing my thoughts as I’d like to finish these songs before I turn fifty. With this album, I’ve tried to abandon the notion that every song needs several verses, a chorus, a bridge…etc

So we’ll see how it all ends up. It does feel good to complete a task. Especially a task that is artistically fulfilling and might possibly evoke feelings of some kind in others as well.

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