If I Had A Million Dollars

As of today, the jersey worn by Team Canada’s Paul Henderson in the 1972 Summit series with the Soviet Union has a current bid of  $1,067,538 dollars. Last week, John Lennon’s handwritten lyrics to “A Day in the Life” sold for $1.2 million. If you had asked a Barenaked Lady back in 1988, (thank you Wikipedia) four out of five of the guys would have considered purchasing a house, a K-Car, a Picasso or a Garfunkel with their imaginary million dollars. I guess my almost new 1989 K-Car was a bargain at $3700 in 1992. Currently a house in Vancouver costs about a million dollars. Or you could drive yourself around in a rare Ferrari.

Sure it might be fun to purchase a million “scratch and wins” from the BC Lottery Corporation, or bet everything on the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup, or have a lock of Elvis Presley’s hair or some other bizarre historical keepsake, but I would like to think that I would put the money into a savings account for a while until the dust settled, not worry about the reality of inflation eating into the principal and live a simple life somewhere on $18,000 dollars interest a year. Then when the time was right, Amanda, Levi and I would trek down to the fairground and ride the Tilt-A-Whirl until the money ran out.


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