Goodbye Olympics

There is an overwhelming and undeniable feeling that a mass exodus is occurring here at the home office in East Vancouver. All the traffic is moving south down Kingsway. Where’s the random fervent cheering? There are no car horns honking. I’m even lamenting the absence of those irritating cowbells. It’s currently almost silent.

Apparently 40,000 people flew out of Vancouver today. By airplane. So no, their arms aren’t tired.  Everyone is now presumably back home safely with friends and family. The rest of the mob Skytrained, rollerbladed, biked, walked and zip-lined their way out of town.

To add further insult to injury, where’s the nightly fireworks out my window?They were pretty surreal for the first few days then I kind of got used to them. It was a little like the “Sunday night Walt Disney is about to be on feeling” I once had as a child.

I had begun to look forward to my evening ritual. It was kind of like the fireworks, in between cascading and colourful explosions were saying “Hey Trev! How was your day? Wanna see something really beautiful from your balcony? Here you go!”

I have really enjoyed the last 17 days.  Only spent a few of them right in the thick of it, but the pulse of the entire city somehow tripled overnight. In a good way. Vancouver didn’t suffer a heart attack. It was more like everyone opened up their hearts. Even way over here across the water from downtown on Main Street.

I am currently watching Letterman as I reflect on what just happened in the city of Vancouver. Even Dave seemed to be really focused on the Olympics. He secretly revealed (with an audience of 5 million is that still considered a secret?) that he was hoping the Canadian mens hockey team would win the gold medal. And they did. And the entire country of Canada felt a collective sense of pride and jubilation. And relief…



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