Advice From An Old Man On Main Street

One of the things I enjoy most about being out and about with Levi is he serves to break down the social wall that normally exists between strangers. Almost everyone we encounter smiles or has something to say. We were sitting outdoors at a coffee shop when a sharply dressed old timer sporting  blue jeans, red cowboy boots, a western shirt and a bolo tie walked past us. He did a double-take then back tracked, greeted the baby and told me this: “I’m 81 years old, I’ve never seen a doctor and neither I or my children have ever had a cold. Here’s the secret- Every week give your child a teaspoon of honey with a crushed clove of garlic mixed in. And for yourself, every week chew 2 cloves of garlic very slowly using your back teeth as there is a gland back there that determines whether or not you are going to get a cold. And from time to time, have a teaspoon of butter, lemon juice and a crushed clove of garlic.” And with that, he was on his way. Maybe I’ll try it.


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