A Walk On The Ladner Dyck

Bordering the village of Ladner, there is an awesome network of dykes that were built in the late 1800’s to protect against flooding. You can walk for miles and miles and depending on the time of year you might not see another person for a long time. But seeing as how it was a sunny day in December, there were a couple of dozen people enjoying the scenery on the section of the dyke that is across the river from theReifel Bird Sanctuary. It’s pronounced the same way we pronounce rifle. Yes, it’s ironic. This time of year the sky and fields are filled with Snow geese that fly 4000 km’s from Siberia to hang out in Ladner for the winter.

I’m not sure what the rules are regarding hunting along the dyke and the river bordering the protected bird sanctuary, but along with bird watchers and walkers there were at least a dozen hunters in the vicinity firing every minute or so. It was quite a contrast for sure. The beauty of the Fraser River with the snow covered North Shore mountains in the distance and the serenity of flocks of Snow geese flying overhead punctuated by frequent shotgun blasts. Both sides of my family would hunt out in these fields over the years but that tradition ended with our generation. We are the walk on the dyke generation.

Something seems a little dangerous about having pedestrians and hunters within a few hundred metres of each other. However, it’s probably not as dangerous to the walker as it is for the goose. How does that old expression go? “What’s bad for the goose is good for the hunter?”

And it’s funny walking by burley men with shotguns and not really finding it odd. If I happened to be in a 7-11 in Philadelphia at midnight and the same guy walked past it would be a different story that’s for sure. I would hit the deck. It was good to get out for some fresh air and exercise on Boxing day.

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