A Nice Place To Think

I guess I’ve been spending time at Spanish Banks fairly regularly for the last twenty years since I moved to Vancouver from the suburbs. It’s a beautiful beach close to the UBC campus across from the forested University Endowment Lands. When I lived all those years in Kits, I could ride my bike to the beach in about ten minutes so I was here all the time-winter, spring summer and fall. Now we live further East so it’s more like every few weeks or so.

Considering how near the multitudes reside in a densely packed city, it’s always astounded me how few people are down here on a rainy day. I encountered less than fifty fellow Vancouverites.

It was intended to be a family outing, but Amanda and Levi fell asleep in the car on our way there so I took the opportunity to take a little “Trev” time. I don’t know if there’s a place on earth where the air could be any fresher. And so many choices of rocks, logs and benches to sit on. What a perfect place to clear ones head and put things in perspective. I sat on AJ’s memorial bench.





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