A Conversation with A Spry Man

Yesterday after Uncle Robert’s funeral, I got to talking with Edgar Dunning. Mr. Dunning is a well known Ladner resident who writes a weekly column for the local newspaper his family started in 1922. Coincidentally, the band stayed with his daughter Susie in Duncan on Vancouver island when we played the Vancouver Island Folk Festival several years ago. We “rambled” a little about this and that. One thing he mentioned was that on his passing, he would like an outdoor celebration at Memorial Park in Ladner with three bands. Ideally in late July or early August as if it were to be held after the P.N.E. starts, it would be guaranteed to rain! It’s true. It always seems to rain during the Pacific National Exhibition.

I hope Mr. Dunning is around a long time to share his stories and insight. After all, he’s had a fair bit of experience on the planet. That spry man sitting beside us is a hundred years old!

Mr.Dunning, Myself & Levi


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