To Paraphrase Sir Mixelot, Baby’s Got Croup

I’ve heard other parents talk about Croup in the past but like most guys without kids I never really payed much attention. In fact I would have figured it was spelled Kroup. It sounds Germanic to my ear. But when your little baby seems to be having a hard time breathing and is coughing like a 4 pack a day smoker, one is compelled to have him immediately looked at by health care professionals. We took him down to Children’s hospital at about midnight in the pouring rain. It was interesting to be back there again. It’s already been six months since he was born there last spring and I couldn’t help but think of all the wonderful doctors and nurses that helped him into the world. Our world! I don’t envy anyone working the night shift. They do great work and most manage to keep a smile on their face.

The emergency ward was packed full of other paranoid parents with their sick children. It made sense as we are in the middle of a flu pandemic. Levi didn’t have a fever so we were pretty sure that it wasn’t the H1N1 virus. It turns out as we suspected, that it was in fact Croup. If it had been a worse case they would have administered medication, but it didn’t seem to warrant that kind of attention so they sent us home around 4 a.m asking us to come back if it continued to get worse.

Within a few days the cough had diminished and he was back to his usual smiling self!

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