To Eat Or Not To Eat, That Is The Question

It was typical November day today. Dark and blustery and rainy. I like these kinds of days generally but apparently there’s some kind of flu bug going around this world of ours and we fear we are in the throes of it here on the ninth floor. It feels like a really bad cold but it’s making us dizzy and sleepy and achy. The baby is still too young for the vaccine and we thankfully aren’t in a high risk category so immunization is out of the question for the time being. I’ve never thought to get a flu shot in the past, but having an infant in the house means I’ll need to think it through when the time comes. But hopefully we’ve already had it and will have immunity built up to fight off a future threat. There just seems to be so many unknowns and the whole thing seems to be ultra-sensationalized when compared to the regular flu. I guess because seemingly healthy people are getting hit hard. Anyways, let’s leave the statistical pronouncements to the experts…

So, after being mostly indoors all week we decided to head down to one of my favourite walking areas near the UBC campus for some fresh air. It was beautiful under the trees along the ocean but Amanda and I both felt kind of weak. Along the way we spotted hundreds of mushrooms of all shapes and sizes and varieties. We found several pounds of Chantrelles last year on the Sunshine Coast so we were keeping a keen eye out as we walked hoping that we might spot the gold standard(chantrelles) here too. I feel reasonably comfortable identifying chantrelles but that’s about it. Amanda on the other hand was a card carrying member of the University of British Columbia Mushroom Club and went on many excursions over the years to collect mushrooms of all kinds. She spotted a bunch of what she figured were Boletus zelleri mushrooms so we picked a few to take home. We looked online to verify they were not poisonous as best we could and had a few with dinner tonight. Tasty for sure but if you don’t hear from either of us in the next week or two, contact the authorities…

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