The Dreaded Treadmill

The good new is I can still run five miles on the treadmill after a two month layoff! The bad news is by about mile four I felt like I had a Shaq on my back…But after a nice hot bath I actually feel quite good as I sit here. It’s so obvious how important it is to try and exercise, sleep enough, eat well and to keep everything in moderation but it’s very easy to let good old fashioned apathy get in the way. There are things that need to get done during the course of the day for sure but it shouldn’t be impossible to find an hour or so to get in some physical fitness in one form or another.

It’s has been fun taking the baby out for long rainy walks in the afternoons to the beach, local parks and the one and only Main street. There’s a lot of beautiful tree lined streets in the neighbourhood that we tend to gravitate towards but walking in and of itself doesn’t seem to leave me feeling like I’ve had a workout. And with having a fitness room in our building five floors down it’s ultra convenient to pop down there when the time, and more importantly the motivation, allows.

Today, via my Ipod, i was hanging out with Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, James Brown, Flatt and Scruggs, Pearl Jam and Billy Idol among others. It was good to connect with them again. They say hello by the way….

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