New Music In The Making

With the band traveling a fair bit less lately what with new babies and such(really, how does 300 days a year on the road sustain itself in a healthy meaningful way anyway) I’ve been trying to muster up the motivation to untie the baby grand piano from my lily-white Canadian posterior to record some of the melodies that exist in my head. It’s a labour of love for sure. I don’t plan on getting rich recording songs that I’m not sure anyone really want’s to hear anyway but having said that, so far I like them. And that’s the most important thing as far as I’m concerned. Lets face it, if even one person outside of your social circle likes your music then you’ve already succeeded. You probably weren’t going to be the Beatles anyway. Doesn’t mean that you can’t be passionate about whatever floats your boat and take whatever comes your way for what it is.

We’ll see if the end result sounds anything like those songs I hummed when I was riding my bike on the Vancouver seawall last summer…but I’m willing to give it a college try. The baby seems to be grooving to it so far. But he’s a captive audience when I’m holding him in my arms:)

The paradigm for most musicians has definitely shifted in terms of the ability, depending on one’s willingness to assume that your music probably won’t, for better or worse contain the audio sensibility or the studio trickery of your favourite album of yesteryear, to create reasonably good sounding music from the comfort of your own home, car or skateboard for that matter…That was a long sentence. Did I really study literature at SFU when Kurt was dominating the airwaves? I guess that really was a long time ago. The authorities will want to burn the diploma I so proudly keep in a box in a closet at my parents place beneath the Bachelors of Square Dancing certificate I was presented with in 1979…Go Johnny Go Johnny Go! “Yes we’ll all join hands and circle to the left…”

But this is a blog. Don’t even need to proofread if I don’t want to:)

Sure, when recording at home there isn’t the requisite filter of knowing that you need to be succinct and precise and as well prepared as one should be in the studio as it’s costing you a hundred dollars or fifty dollars or thirty  dollars or five dollars an hour. Or even worse, that you might be wasting someone else’s time.  There may not be paid professionals to help you with your quest to re-write Abby Road. And with millions of musicians doing the same thing, how will you find an audience…….etc

The bottom line is, if you’ve got a song to sing (or something to communicate and put out there no matter how seemingly insignificant it is…fill in your own metaphor. Or was that a simili?) why not sing it as best you can?

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