Old friend and bandmate Chris invited me out to see the Vancouver Canucks play the Washington Capitals the other night at GM Place. I’ve been following the Canucks since I was a little kid in the late 70’s listening to the games on CKNW on my clock radio upstairs as I went to sleep. In those days it seemed that the Canucks were rarely on T.V.

I played hockey for a while too. I wasn’t very good but I was obsessed with the game. Music eventually became much more of a passion but I still like to watch the occasional game. It takes me back to those days of  yesteryear.

If I can name drop for a minute I remember talking to Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy in Denver one night. I told him then that when Messier retired I would stop following the game. He said, “you can say that now but I know you won’t!” And he was right…

But I do care a whole lot less as every year goes by. In fact, I’ve become that guy that only watches sports because I care about certain players.

Current favourites-

NHL: Ovechkin, Crosby, The Sedin’s

NFL: Favre

NBA: Lebron, Shaq, Nash, Kobe

MLB: Rodriguez, Jeter, Ortiz

My historic favourites-

NHL: Gretzky, Lafleur, Lemieux, Bossy, Orr, Richard, Howe, Messier, Worsley

*Canucks: Bure, Snepsts, Odjick, Williams, Gradin, Brashear, Brodeur, Linden, Ronning, Lupul, Smyl, Neely, Nill

NFL: Allen, Rice, Montana, Bradshaw, Harris, Dorsett, Fouts, Winslow

NBA: Jordan, Abdul-Jabbar, Johnson, Erving, Bird

MLB: Cobb, Ruth, Rose, Bonds, Aaron, Clemons, Henderson, Perry

So getting back to Ovechkin. What an exciting player! According to the local media, he had a subpar game but all I know is every time he got near the puck he made an exciting play and 18,000 people were wondering what was going to happen next. Can you imagine 18,000 people on the edge of their seats anticipating your next move?


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